InReal, InWorld, InArt Exhibition

(This page was translated from the original Italian.)

Our art exhibition is within walking distance (walking is the focus of the whole event) from the Marathon finish line in Kalvoya village.


The space is being created by landscape designer Melissa Lowtide, who already had a chance to showcase her skills creating environments for Second Norway when it was owned by Ey Ren. She is well versed in Second Norway, and she integrating the exhibition space nicely with the area.

The building that will house the exhibition is by designer and set designer Colpo Wexler, known for the creativity and elegance of his architecture, especially dedicated to art, one for all the SFMA (San Francisco Museum of Art) and commercial buildings: many big names rely on his constructions, such as Belleza, Cosmopolitan, Backbone, Très Chic, ACCESS, and many others.

The curatorship of the exhibition is provided by Roxelo Babenco, founder and manager of the Metaverse Museum, a center of culture that since the origins of Second Life has been collecting in its collections (now moved to a large museum in the Opensim hypergrid) works by artists and creators who have found their inspiration and expressive technique here, coming from very different experiences: artists in reality or natives.

And this is precisely what the exhibition, InReal, InWorld, InArt — artists between reality, virtuality and generative AI — will be about. It is an anthology of works from 2008 to 2024 of established artists in the real world, who have developed an original aesthetic and technical path in SL that they then brought back into their physical world art projects.

As of June 4, the participating artists include Patrick Moya, Brin Oh, Marco Manray, Gazira Babeli, and Fau Ferdinand.

These will be joined by young artists from Generations X/Y who are now affirming their digital virtuality and exploring the generativity of artificial intelligences. This second section is curated by Pinkrachel, (RL Rebecca Pedrazzi), curator of the exhibition The Work of Art in the Age of Artificial Intelligence in Parma, Italy.

The exhibition will be followed by a catalog to be produced later in 2024.