Sailstice for the Merfolk

The entire aquatic community is invited to Sailstice again this year! Come swim with the cruisers listen and dance to great waterfront concerts.

Mers are invited to everything. It really is great fun to swim with the cruisers, and the races we have on Sailstice Day June 24 are informal and fun events that don’t mind having some extra fins in the water!

On the EVENTS page you’ll see that the Nautical Expo runs through July 7, so you can swim around the displayed boats. The exhibition of Lighthouse Photography also runs thru July 7; I’ll add more details as the artwork is installed this week. Malolo Island Marina has music and boat camping Friday through Monday June 23-25, so lots going on there too!

The BIG mer event is the fantastic Sails & Tails Party at Nantucket Park from 5:00 to 7:00PM SLT. Each year the Nantucket Yacht Club sets out their big donut-shaped glass dance floor, and they build a beautiful coral reef underneath. There’s two hours of great music in an absolutely unique environment; it really is like nothing else in ANY world.