Festival of the Oceans EXPO

Our 2023 Summer Sailstice in SL Nautical Expo is titled Festival of the Oceans and runs 24 June – 7 July

HQ Landmark Merfolk Oceanmark

Our Expo site is more than 21,000 square meters, plus another 11,000 on land! More details will be posted here before Sailstice Weekend.

There are several areas! You’ll see large rings moving slowly around you with the TP markers on them, but here are shortcuts for you:

Exhibitors as of 6 May 2023 (there may be changes!)

Boat builders:

  • TMS / Bandit (thru June 30)
  • BBX Yachts (starting June 31)
  • N O E
  • Isard
  • Shippe and Saile
  • Mailsta Naurical
  • Ultramesh
  • Loren Bhalti
  • Hunter Marine
  • Loose Cannon Shipyard
  • Lili’s Yard

Sailing Clubs:

  • Leeward Cruising Club
  • Free Floating Furs
  • Aeropunk Sky Pirate Coalition
  • Sjogin Owners’ Club
  • Dinghy & Small BOat Association SL
  • Pheonix Rising Sailing Club
  • St Aubrey Sail Club

Boat Painters/ Chandlery:

  • Celtica Nautic
  • B’s Painted Fantasies
  • High Tides
  • Echo Designs (Mer accessories)
  • AV & Co


  • Pixil’s Pixels – EEPs and other environmental enhancements suitable for sailing
  • SL Coast Guard