JANUARY 2024: Nearly all of last year’s events are shown below but grayed out so that our participants can see what they (and others) did. (It also means your Webmaster/Organizer doesn’t have to retype everything!) As 2024 events are planned, previous events will be un-grayed and new ones will be added.

All times are SLT (Second Life Time) which is the same as California (Pacific Daylight Time). Some of these may change, so check this page regularly!

COLOR CODE: Multiple-Day Events — Special Events/ Performances — Cruises — Races — DJ Parties — Live Musicians


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MALOLO ISLAND MARINA again this year will fill Friday June 21 thru Sunday June 23 with special events! Watch our Website and inworld group messages throughout the spring. Only Saturday events show on this page, visit the (coming soon)Malolo Island Events page for the full schedule!


12:00 M: Nautical Expo continues through Friday June 28! Landmark Merfolk

4:00AM: Cruise with Rainbow Sails Yacht Club Docks (Rez Zone) Start Area

10:00AM: Cruise with Rainbow Sails Yacht Club Docks (Rez Zone) Start Area

10:00AM: performs at Malolo Island Landmark

11:00AM: Race with Phoenix Rising Yacht Club — Bandit LTE
Landmark (gather and rez here)Click for more details

11:00AM: performs at Malolo Island Landmark

12:00N: Tall Ships Parade begins!  The parade will go from host/builder N&K Shipyards to our Expo at Lili’s Yard. Get all the details on the Tall Ships Parade page!

1:00PM: Cruise with Leeward Cruising Club with party afterward. Starting point at Shenandoah in the Starstrider region; Landmark Merfolk
Ends at Mermaid Marina — more details to come. Here are landmarks to Mermaid Marina: Docks Merfolk

1:00PM: performs at Malolo Island Landmark

1:30PM: Lighthouse Photography Exhibition Grand Opening All the details are on this page. Landmark Merfolk (This is a 2-week event! See the whole schedule.

2:00PM: Race with Phoenix Rising Yacht Club — Machichaco boats
Landmark (gather and rez here) — Click for more details

2:00PM performs at Malolo Island Landmark

3:00PM: … Dance Party at Malolo Island Landmark

5:00PM to 7:00PM: SAILS AND TAILS PARTY — (All sailors and merfolk invited) with DJ Patricio Morpath in and under the glass dance floor at Nantucket Park Landmark Merfolk

5:00PM: at Malolo Island Landmark

6:00PM: perform at Malolo Island Landmark

11:59PM: … sail (round trip to/from Malolo Island) Landmark