Marathon Fun Run/Walk Thru Second Norway

OPENING June 22 10:00 AM — Continues thru June 28

Join us for a non-competitive run or walk thru FORTY-THREE REGIONS in the beautiful community of Second Norway! This event is a fundraiser for Relay For Life, but contributions to the kiosks are absolutely optional–mainly, come and enjoy this beautiful route!

We will open the route at 10:00 AM on Sailstice Saturday with Marathon creator Stex Auer and Sailstice organizer Dale Irata. We may have some celebrity guests as well. Watch this page for how to reserve a space to start at 10:00 AM; the Start region has a capacity of 15 avs and we don’t want anyone bounced out. Once we get going, it should be fine to come anytime, and the route will be open through Friday June 28, coinciding with the schedule of our Festival of the Oceans Nautical Expo.

The route ends in the lovely town of Kalvoya where you’ll find a special art exhibition curated by the Museo del Metaverso in Milan, Italy. You can also visit our bookshop and get information on the Festival of the Oceans.

Much more info to come! Watch this page and join our Summer Sailstice group in SL!